You can’t go wrong with “Ella D”                                                                                                           By Asset – Mar 26, 2011

If you want to hear an effortless tune reminiscent of early Beatles’ catchy uplifting melodies and sincere lyrics, seamlessly blended with modern electronic sound, you can’t go wrong with “Ella D”.  One can only wonder at the expert level of the recording given its story.

The song came about as an unassuming gift for the anniversary of Anthony’s union with- would you guess? – Ella D, not intended for commercial release. While some may say it had better remained that way, I believe it has a nice ring to it, and most definitely worth a listen (or two). Moreover, I definitely want to hear more from the author, as there is no such thing as too many good songs!


 You want to be in love and be loved !!!                                                                                                By Nataliastellina - Mar 24, 2011

Great song !!! I just luv it !!! Very romantic and passionate ! You want to be in love and be loved !!! We want to see more of Ella D...


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